Surgical Tech Jobs – Get a Huge Paycheck with Easy Work

Do you enjoy helping people and enjoy learning about medical procedures? If so then you can turn your interest into a career by pursuing a job as a surgical tech. As a surgical tech, you can work flexible hours, and have a job working with a constantly changing field of technology, all while helping save lives!

What is a surgical tech?

A surgical tech is an allied health professional who does tasks in order to the patient and the operating room for a surgical procedure as well as continued tasks during and after the surgery. They are a vital part of any surgical team in the operating room
Tasks that may be necessary to perform include:

  • Sterilizing surgical instruments
  • Making sure the operating room is properly stocked
  • Moving patients to the operating room
  • Cleaning an area of the patient’s body before an incision is made
  • Handing the surgeon proper instruments
  • Using retractors to hold organs out of the way
  • Helping dress wounds after surgery

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How do surgical techs make a difference in the medical field?

Surgical techs make a difference in the medical field by helping to maintain asepsis during surgical procedures which in turn helps to prevent illness and death. They also allow surgeons to better focus on the procedure at hand.

What attributes make a person a good fit for these jobs?

In order to be a good surgical tech a person has to be:

  • Detail oriented in order to avoid making mistakes
  • Dexterous and able to work with their hands
  • Able to stand and be on their for long periods of time
  • Be good at managing stress in healthy ways

These tasks ensure that the technologist is comfortable and able to complete their tasks in a safe manner, and while this may lead to a great sense of accomplishment, A surgical tech has a lot of responsibilities and the job can be both physically and mentally taxing.

How do I become a surgical tech?

In order to become a surgical tech, most jobs require only a postsecondary certificate that can be completed in as little as 9 months. Few programs last more than two years. Since very little schooling is needed, the average surgical tech accumulates little to no student loan debt.

What kind of environment does a surgical work in?

Most surgical techs find jobs working in hospitals and outpatient surgery centers since their job usually revolves around being in the operating room to help surgeons complete procedures. However, a few jobs for surgical techs exist in the offices of doctors who perform outpatient surgical procedures and in the offices of dental surgeons. A surgical tech mainly spends there day in an operating room.

Can a surgical tech specialize in a certain field of surgery?

Yes, specialized jobs exist for surgical techs in fields such as neurology and cardiology. A surgical tech can also move up the ranks to become a surgical first assistant which means they will receive a potential raise and be able to complete more tasks.

What is the job outlook?

Jobs are predicted to rise 15% in the next 5 years. This means that the job outlook is above average. Advancements in surgery have not reduced the number of professionals needed and in fact since more people are living longer and requiring more surgical interventions for things like bad hips and knees, demand is projected to increase even more. surgical tech jobs are very secure and new jobs are opening rapidly.

What is the pay like?

Most jobs pay around 45,000 dollars per year. The bottom 10 percent make 27,000 dollars per year and the top 10 percent make over 58,000 dollars per year. The average hourly wage is 21 dollars. The state with the highest salary for surgical techs is New Jersey with a median salary of 50,000 dollars per year.

By becoming a surgical tech, you will have one of the most important jobs in the operating room. You will provide the surgeon with assistance and maintain a sterile workspace. Surgical tech Jobs are stressful and can be physically and mentally hard, but, you will have a decent salary and good job security. As a surgical tech, you can advance in your career and specialize in a broad variety of jobs. Becoming a surgical tech isn’t for everyone, but it is certainly worth considering the career.

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